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Vienna (Austria) the pearl of Europe

Today we are going to take a brief look at europe better said at

Vienna (Austria)

Vienna is the second biggest city in the whole german speaking area. There are currently almost 2 Million people living in Vienna so, believe me there are lots of opportunities to have fun
in Vienna.
Furthermore is Vienna one of the safest cities in whole Europe, the police there does really an incredible job, so this is the perfect destination for families and people who appreciate secure travel destinations.

But Vienna is not just the capital of Austria it is a very important international city with an incredibly huge historical background.
Apart from that Vienna also plays a major role in the artistic segment for example art Nouveau and baroque.
Did we already convince you to take a trip to vienna? If not you will be convinced in a few lines of this post.
Well in vienna you can do almost everything. You can start your day with a visit in an original “Wiener Kaffeehaus” with Austrian specialties after that
you could take a tour through the “Sch√∂nbrunn” castle to top your day off you are able to dine 140 meters height in the “Donau Turm”
If these activites did not impress you, don’t worry!

Adrenalin junkie? Great you can go indoor skydiving at “Windobona” or take a bunjee jump off the “Donau Turm”.

Party Lion? No problem! There are uncountable nightclubs in Vienna city. Secret hint: You will find the best bars and clubs at the “Herrengasse”.

I hope you like this short post, go ahead and TRAVEL VIENNA!
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