Take your Leisure Time in Queenstown at the amazing lake Wakatipu

Take your Leisure Time in Queenstown at the lake Wakatipu

Queenstown is a resort town in the south-west of New Zealand. You see lakes, mountains and rivers in this town which surrounded by spectacular nature.

Lake Wakatipu

is in the South-West of the region Otago. The lake is 80 kilometers long and is the longest lake of the country furthermore it is shaped like an S and the lake ends at Kingston. The alpin-lake is fed by two rivers, the Dart River and the Kawarau River.


Pick the right time


On season: summer and winter.


  • If you like to make interaction with lots of people these two seasons are the best time to visit this small town. In this area, summer is longer. The sun rises very early at 6 a.m. and sunset can happen at 11 p.m. During winter, you can find perfect skiing conditions at certain spots in Queenstown.
  • Do you like water? Perfect! Go sailing at the lake wakatipu and enjoy a stunning view at the surrounding mountains. Most of the time you will find optimal sailining conditions, the best months to take a trip are june and july. But that is not everything that you can do at lake Wakatipu, you can also go swimming but beware it may be very cold.
  • As sun rises in a long time you must apply sunscreen regularly. Entering winter means beware of cold and be sure to bring warm and thick clothes. Without earlier preparation like booking the accommodation, it will be hard to find a place to stay because at these times many people come to Queenstown for holiday.


Off season: autumn and spring


  • When it comes to spring the answer is the blossoming of flowers. In spring you will find quite and peace in the town. While seeing the flowers you can see snow on the mountains. On autumn it is expected to see golden color by walking on semi-busy situation
  • The unpredictable weather is the enemy of any traveler. Without well packaging, you might end up bring more clothes than you need. In one day, you might experience warm weather with sunny sky in the morning and suddenly get wet by the rain in the afternoon.

Alternative activities

Let’s say you aren’t strict particular with crowd and season. It means that you don’t have a target to do common activities which is depend on the season, like skiing in winter and swimming on the beach on summer. Here are the examples of what you can do to give another nuance to the ordinary holiday.


  1. Ride a giant balloon
  2. Soak in Japanese-style hot pools
  3. Ride on horseback to explore Glenorchy
  4. Enjoy foot spa
  5. Eat a Ferguson Burger
  6. Go to event and festival in Queenstown.
  7. Take a cold swim in lake Wakatipu


In Queenstown some events and festival are held almost everytime in the year. New World Tour de Wakatipu (April) and Queenstown Jazz Fest (October) and others are potential options to spend your time in this town. It should not make you tired that much.lake wakatipulake wakatipu

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